MEMS 2017 Las Vegas, USA
Sitting from left, Dr. Chen Xing (John Hopkins), Prof. Takahata (University of British Columbia), Prof. Konishi (Ritsumeikan University, Japan), Dr. Mohamed Sultan and Prof. Reza Rashidi (State University of New York)

MEMS 2016 Shanghai, China
Sitting from left, Prof. Takahata (University of British Columbia), Dr. Mohamed Sultan, Prof. Karen (University of British Columbia), Prof. Konishi (Ritsumeikan University, Japan) and their postgraduate students (standing)

Alaa A.Zaiter, Dr. Mohamed Sultan & Dr. Pei Song at MNE 2014 Conference Lausanne Switzerland

Dr. Mohamed Sultan & Ashraf Ahmad (from Kyoto University) at .ICCAS 2014 Conference Seoul, Korea.

We received best presentation award at ICCAS 2014 Conference Seoul, Korea. Congratulations to Marwan Nafea!

In Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, Canada with my students, Farah Afiqa and Ang Yong Xian (Jan 2020).

IEEE Transducers 2019, Berlin, Germany, with my doctoral student.

Doctoral student, Alaa utilizing 3D printer for device fabrication

Master student, Aqilah conducting experiment using thermal camera

Dr. Mohamed Sultan and his doctoral students.

Doctoral students, Marwan and Amri.

Krishna and Master student, Hidayah in conducting experiment

Group Meeting