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Mohammad Amri Zainal

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Mohammad Amri Zainal

Mohammad Amri Zainal received the B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor in 2006 and the M.S degree in electrical engineering from the same university in 2010. He began work toward a PhD in Electrical Engineering Faculty, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2013. His current research in on wireless implantable drug delivery device based on shape memory alloy microactuator.

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Zamalah UTM Scholarship

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Shah, M.F.N., Zainal, M.A, Faruq, A. Abdullah, S.S. Metamodeling Approach for PID Controller Optimization in an Evaporator Process. Int. Con. on Modeling, Simulation and Applied Optimization. 2011. 1 - 4.