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MEMS Thermopile Wearable Power Harvesting Device

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MEMS Thermopile Wearable Power Harvesting Device

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In these days, more focuses are directed to the design of micro-power generators harnessing MEMS technology. These indirectly lead to the invention of alternative self-powered harvesters that are smaller in size and implantable so as to augment or surrogate the conventional large scale energy transducers, and to reduce the usage of main power supplier. Here, the main inspirations are to add simplicity and easiness into the daily life, less cost, and respecting the nature of ecosystem. Subsequently, implying ambient energies and radiations can be a great alternative as they are ecological friendly and renewable. Also in that manner, the life durations and capabilities of such energy scavenging systems can be upgraded.

Similarly, small scaled thermoelectric power plants are very useful for easy powering or charging of mobile electronics even at remote areas without expecting a main power supplies. So, the systems are commonly applied as wireless sensor networks. Besides, such self-powered devices also encompass several extra benefits that may attract more attentions towards their systems viability. Micro-thermoelectric generator directly converts thermal energy into potential differences. It is a low cost generator with reliable energy source and has no moving blocks thereby, easily scalable. Moreover, it can be used to recycle wasted heat energy, so it also endows to a healthier atmosphere.