MEMS Wearable Power Harvesting Device based on Thermopile Mechanisme


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            MEMS Wearable Power Harvesting Device based on Thermopile Mechanisme

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            The project proposes a novel thermopile micro-power generator which can be integrated and embedded in clothing and other wearable gadgets. This generator uses thermal energy from human body to power the device. The heat conduction from the source to hot junction, thermal isolation between junctions and best materials are among the most critical factors to analyze. This project discusses about the design, modeling and simulation of energy harvesting thermo electric micro generator based on microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology, consists a series of thermocouples which named thermopile. The output power of the generator depends on the temperature differences between the hot and cold junctions in the thermocouple, then thermo-electric generator converts the thermal energy into electrical energy due to Seebeck effect. In thisproject, several important elements such as, flexibility of the thermo-electric power harvesting device, portability, low cost factors, and best possible thermo-electric materials that provides highest output power will be analyzed.