Wireless Implantable Drug Delivery Device Based On Shape Memory Alloy Microactuator

This project propose a
 novel out-of-plane microactuator based on bulk-micromachined SMA coil with a built-in heater that is controlled wirelessly using RF magnetic fields. The out-of-plane SMA coil will bemicrofabricated through a planar process and self-assembled by locally controlled bending of the coil structure. The SMA coil acts as both a resonant heater circuit, which receives RF power wirelessly for heat generation, and avertical actuator structure. This monolithic approach is aimed to reduce the overall size of the actuator and heat loss associated with the hybrid device, while eliminating the need for bonding and assembly processes for SMAintegrationDirect wireless heating of the SMA coil is expected to improve temporal response and reduce the temperature gradient of the actuator.